EPISODE 22. DAC Reports, The Matrix, EPA, DPF and Big Trucks, Diesel Cars, and Your Ymails

Why are there so few choices for people wanting to buy a diesel powered car in the U.S.? Lets talk about the EPA, and how the requirements are choking the market for the diesel engined car. It seems the U.S. government would rather you buy a Volt, a hybrid or some other overpriced electric car.

We will also talk about The Matrix,DAC reports and bloggers wanting to be mentioned on the show and a free mp3 audio that will be given to those that help make this a better show.

What should you look for in a company if you are new to trucking? How do you decide who to go to work for? I will be blogging on this topic over the next week. Check back and see the discussions on the subject.

God’s Blessings,



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