Part one of the equation is me. I am a born again Christian trucker. Plane and simple. My loyalty belongs to Jesus Christ. My vocation is trucking. I love the trucking industry.  It has been a Blessing to my family and me. Any questions?


Part two is the Christian podcast that I produce. This blog is part of that podcast. It is the home base for the Jesus Freak Trucker podcast.


The result of putting one and two together is a Christian Trucking podcast. It’s plain and simple.

If you are asking yourself why I went through this little math problem, and why did I sound just a bit condescending, I seem to have caught a  bit of flack over not having enough “alter call” focused material in the podcasts. When I meet someone and tell them about the show, I say the show is 75% about trucking and 25% about Jesus Christ. If you read my show’s description in most of the podcast sites you will see this. Although every show will not have that mix I try to have that as an overall theme. This is the design of the show.

There are 2 reasons to have the mix set up the way I planned.  One reason is the podcasts that are already out there. If you are looking for a great Christian podcast with an alter call you will find plenty. I listen to a few of them. It is their call and they do it well. To be honest, I would rather have you listen to some of them than me, if that is the type of show you want to hear. I hope you listen to both. The other reason is my desire to attract an audience of believers and non-believers to the show. I will try to have trucking content that attracts truckers and fans of the industry. My prayer is that the non-believers will  enjoy what they here and also listen to the Gospel portions of the show.

No, I have not taken my eye off the ball. My goal is to use the gifts god has given me to draw people to Christ in any way I can. If i am talking about an old cab over Kenworth, my mind is on Christ. If I am talking to an old trucker about deregulation , my mind is on Christ. I will try to do my personal best with every show. Sometimes I will land on my back side and other times it will be nothing but net.  I have a lot to learn about being a webmaster, podcaster and entertainer. I have a lot to learn about evangelism. I pray that you will join me and we can grow together.

God’s Blessings,



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