100. The Gospel According to Waffle House

Ronnie McBrayer is a busy man. He pastors Simple Faith Church in Santa Rosa, Florida. He also maintains a blog and publishes a syndicated column titled Keeping the Faith. Somewhere between these tasks, he’s found time to publish a few books, including The Gospel According to Waffle House. The tagline for this book is Re-imagining […]

#99. Have You Checked The Floorboards Lately?

Floorboards are a funny thing. They are what supports you as you move around your home. They keep your furniture, appliances and everything else off the ground. In a car or truck, they keep you safe, warm, cool and add serious structure to the design. Whether it’s the house on Elm street, a 98 Chevy […]

#98. Kevin Rutherford, Michael Hyatt, Andy Stanley and 2014

My working title for this show was Three Podcasts and a Blog, but I like this one better. It just works. This week, I want you to listen to all three of these podcasts. I also want you to take a look at a blog post. Kevin Rutherford In last week’s episode of Questions From […]