The Trucking Podcast

As you probably already know, I’ve stopped producing this podcast and the Jesus, Trucks and Coffee podcast. My plan is to devote all of my online efforts to The Trucking Podcast, the new show I am co-hosting with my son, Don. You can find us in iTunes and at Hosting Jesus Freak Trucker for […]

What Happened to Jesus Freak Trucker? Jesus, Trucks and Coffee.

THREE REASONS TO CHECK OUT JESUS, TRUCKS AND COFFEE. Have you seen my new web home yet? It’s easy. Just follow this link to Jesus, Trucks and Coffee. Look around. I know you will like what you see. I’ve learned a few things over the last couple of years and I am excited for the […]

What’s Next?

Producing 100 episodes of Jesus Freak Trucker has been a blast. I’ve met some great people by phone and in person. I’ve outlasted thousands of podcasters who have given up with far fewer episodes. I’ve certainly learned more from all of you than you’ve learned from me. I’ve also learned from a few of my […]

100. The Gospel According to Waffle House

Ronnie McBrayer is a busy man. He pastors Simple Faith Church in Santa Rosa, Florida. He also maintains a blog and publishes a syndicated column titled Keeping the Faith. Somewhere between these tasks, he’s found time to publish a few books, including The Gospel According to Waffle House. The tagline for this book is Re-imagining […]

#99. Have You Checked The Floorboards Lately?

Floorboards are a funny thing. They are what supports you as you move around your home. They keep your furniture, appliances and everything else off the ground. In a car or truck, they keep you safe, warm, cool and add serious structure to the design. Whether it’s the house on Elm street, a 98 Chevy […]