#88. Chuck Smith, John Wimbler, The Christmas Brag Letter


Chuck Smith Passes

On Jesus, Trucks and Coffee we will talk about Chuck Smith, Founder of Calvary Chapel.  He died on October 4th, at age 86. Chuck walked a fine line between many issues that would split most denominations. In thinking about this, I have to come to the conclusion that he always put the Kingdom of God before the ministry of Calvary Chapel. His ministry found him in the company of more controversial men like Lonnie Frizbee, and John Wimbler, of the Vineyard movement. Having some theological differences, Chuck handled these partings of ministries with grace and style.

Back to Episode 88, we will talk about a parable from the Gospel of Luke and the Christmas brag letter. You know the ones. You send them out to people you haven’t thought of for a year and rub their noses in your flawless life. We will end this segment of the show with Psalm 51.

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