What Happened to Jesus Freak Trucker? Jesus, Trucks and Coffee.


Have you seen my new web home yet? It’s easy. Just follow this link to Jesus, Trucks and Coffee. Look around. I know you will like what you see. I’ve learned a few things over the last couple of years and I am excited for the change, and the new direction of the podcast. Let me give you three good reasons to follow me there.

  1. The new podcast is produced live. All you need to listen or participate is a phone. It doesn’t even have to be a smart phone. Just dial in and listen. Press the 1 for a question or a comment and I can put you on the air. You can also stream it live, on line.
  2. You can still download the show in your podcast player, just like always. Can’t catch the live show? No problem. Catch the replay.
  3. Transformation. There are over 20,000 podcasts in iTunes. To be heard, I have to stand out above the noise. I am 100 percent committed to bringing you better, more relevant content to bring transformation to all of our lives.  I’ve made several changes over the last few weeks. It isn’t just the move to BlogTalkRadio. I have a new system of show prep and planning, better call screening and better audio for guest interviews.

Jesus Freak Trucker has been a blast. I have grown rich in blessings through this podcast. I’ve made a few friends, learned a ton about how a online ministry works and I’ve grown closer to God. Follow along as we continue to grow this band of brothers on the new website.